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( Mar. 17th, 2009 11:24 am)
Happy birthday, William Gibson.

I will now use this space to gush about my favorite author.

Now that Vonnegut's dead, Gibson's just about my only living hero. If I ever met him, I'm sure I'd be beside myself in awe, and he seems like he'd be the kind of guy who would be amused by that. I'm sure he's used to it, though. Of course, I don't even know, this is all just speculation.

One of my favorite books that he wrote is Idoru. Originally, I hated this book. I thought it was trite, stupid, and pointless with an even more "what the fuck" ending than normal (seriously, all of his books end on a weird note but more about that later). It really was a far, far cry from the usual stories, even within the Bridge trilogy. I guess I was used to stories about criminals.

Idoru is a really, really convoluted story about a computer generated J-Pop idol and her real J-Rocker fiance, a man who's really good at finding patterns from raw data, a J-Rock fangirl on an impromptu trip to Japan, and nanotechnology. It was written in 1997, so this basically means that William Gibson was writing pre-emptive fanfiction about Gackt marrying Miku Hatsune. I'm not even joking. It's like he took a time out from writing about a dark dystopia to write an allegory about the business of modern media, internet culture and fandom. The only way Gibson could have been more spot on was if he predicted LOLcats.

Of course, it's all culminated in the end of All Tomorrow's Parties, which is my favorite ending of ALL TIME that involves the AI J-Pop Idol and what amounts to a Star Trek replicator.

Yeah, Gibson's weird.


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