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( Mar. 24th, 2009 06:24 pm)
So I finshed Rainbow's End yesterday. Great book. It went very much into the political intrigue part at the end, which I expected. That part was competent but par for the course in the post-cyberpunk game. It was indistinguishable from any technothriller these days, with paranoid links between advertising, mind control and weapons of mass destruction. Rabbit was a cool character. They never revealed if he was an AI or not, but hinted that he might be. He acted so strangely that it makes perfect sense if he is an AI, which is why I feel he's a more interesting character if he's not. That gives the character a sense of mystery that made me cheer him on throughout the straight technothriller parts of the book. Still, the older characters adjusting to their new lives was where this book was at, and the depiction of augmented reality was great. I recommend it.

Today I started and finished the audiobook of The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, which is fantastic. I ate it up like Edmund Pevensie in a room full of turkish delight. I'm especially glad that I got the audiobook because it was read by Neil Gaiman himself. It was like having him croon sweet nothings into my ear all throughout my work day, as if he was personally stimulating my cochlear with his signature smooth voice and wit. By the end I was mystified and, now that I read over that last sentence, possibly sexually confused. Oh Mr. Gaiman, you hold a strong power over me, sir.

Next up is Zoe's Tale by John Scalzi. I did a little bit of listening to it after The Graveyard Book finished. I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up liking Zoe as a character, which I'm pretty sure is what the entire book banks on considering it's about her tale. She's basically a science fiction Clarissa, and apparently she's going to explain it all.

After that, I have a choice. Make another attempt at A Clash of Kings or try and stomach the reader on Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom?


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