I read this article about Dune RPers in Second Life getting a cease and desist order. I think the justification for this *might* (IANAL) be that things in Second Life is considered the property of the user who created it. I mean, imagine if a Second Life user named Paulyloveschani makes a Second Life version of a Thopter. Does Paulyloveschani get the copyright or does the Herbert camp? I have no idea, but I think I'm siding with the role players on this one. Role playing does not violate copyright, mang.

What's even better is that in his post Cory Doctorow says this:

Good going Trident! There's 130 Herbert megafans who won't be so quick to enjoy, proselytize and spread your client's work next time. Keep it up and you'll soon have the whole world turned off Dune!

So basically, Trident's doing the job that even the rest of the Dune series couldn't do.


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