Here's a random thought.

I wonder how the Japanese perceive Terry Bogard from the SNK fighting games. Do they actually take him seriously as a character instead of viewing him as an extremely violent, terminally delusional nutjob? Because that's the only way I can characterize him in any way that makes sense. How else could someone justify a character whose main schtick is ruthlessly beat the crap out of people while yelling "HEY! C'MON C'MON! GET SERIOUS! ARE YOU OKAY?! BUSTER WOLF!"

I know that the SNK games have some kind of plot going to them, and I doubt that they would intentionally make the Big Damn Hero of their games a whacked-out lummox who seemed to lose control of what he was saying whenever he got into a fight. If they did, then kudos to SNK. That's a brave choice. It turns Fatal Fury into the "Rain Man" of fighting games. I picture Terry as this mentally deficient martial artist who gets entered into a fighting tournament by some jerk who likes to pick on the handicapped, and his brother Andy enters in order to look out for him. If that isn't a part of the SNK fighter plots, it really should be. If I ever make a fighting game, I'm using that one.

Wait, are there any English speaking fans that regard Terry Bogard as a serious character? I don't believe it's possible, but maybe there are.


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