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( May. 21st, 2009 11:54 am)
Yesterday, in addition to being my birthday, was also the first time my Mage: The Ascension group was able to meet in about a month or so. I really enjoy my character, because he's at the same time Not A Nice Person without actually managing to be a complete jerkface to everyone he meets. He just has incredibly high standards and is pretty arrogant about it. Yay, Order of Hermes! Let me tell you, I enjoy playing this character so much that after a while I went a little bit crazy and started looking for neighborhood kids who were playing Harry Potter out in the field near my house. I introduced myself as Professor Alan Gibson, Magus Adeptus of the Order of Hermes and Servant of Gula. I then put them to work and made them hand in research papers on the Corpus Hermetica. They've recently handed in their papers, which I will grade. I'll post them here tonight as I'm grading them.

I think you'll find their work to be incredibly enlightening. If these children are our future, we will have a very bright one indeed.
Here are three samples from the papers I have collected from my three students on the subject of the Corpus Hermetica as it relates to them.
I'm so proud of these children )


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