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( May. 15th, 2009 12:42 pm)
I keep seeing ads for a book called Norse Code. I don't know if it's any good or not. It doesn't look that interesting to me, but that title is hilarious. It's almost a Pratchett title, or would be if I think it's actually a serious title and there's something about a code, and it's norse, and possibly genetic. Still, Norse Code. That's an awesome title.

I cooked kielbasa in beer and brown sugar yesterday. I wanted to buy National Bohemian because it's a good beer to cook with. I don't really drink it. I like Red Stripe and Stella Artois, myself. But they didn't have six packs of Natty Bo at the liquor store. They only had a 24 can case, so I had two options. Buy a beer that they DID have six-packs of, which I don't mind drinking and using a few to cook with or buy the 24 pack of Natty Bo, which is really good to cook with but not so much to drink.

Since an overabundance of beer is never a bad thing, I went and bought the Natty Bo. This is beer logic. More is better. Even if it's National Bohemian.

And yes, I realize that not liking Natty Bo means that I'm a traitor to Baltimore, my generation AND my Bohemian ancestry but christ, at least I have better beer.

Still gonna drink it, though.


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