With all of this serious planning and coordinating for serious adult things going on in my life right now, I'm feeling a very real urge to resist growing up as much as possible. I'm still feeling the need for adventure. It isn't that I'm worried that I'll ever stop having adventures because I'll have a wife and a mortgage. Lord no. I know full well that Kat and I will have many adventures in our new house. It's that taking on these two massive undertakings has left me too drained to pursue any opportunities for stupid misadventures that put spice into my life. It's a matter of balance, really. I haven't had any real adventure since Kat and I went camping back in June. When my grandmother died soon after and I decided to buy her house, I put myself in super-serious mode (as I rightly should have). I guess I've been operating in that mode for so long that I'm feeling that adventurous itch again.

It could also be that I'm not fully mentally prepared for turning 25. I don't know, is that something a 24 year old man normally feels weird about? I kind of do. Not in any negative or positive way, either. It just seems odd that I'm a quarter of a century old, but that's the logical consequence of being born? I'm starting to sound like a Dinosaur Comic. I even question marked a statement? Now I can't stop!

I'm also feeling that maybe I should grow a beard. I've flirted with it a bit, but never truly serious flirting. The same kind of frivolous dedication one would have when "dating" someone in Middle School but all you do is sit next to each other on the bus. Cue weird mental image of 14 year old me sitting on the bus next to Serena Cook, but Serena is replaced by a giant beard. There are some unfortunate consequences in the subtext of that image, aren't there? Oh well! I know Kat's stance on the beard is a no-go, but that's not what's stopping me (sorry, Kat. You're a factor in that, but not the MAIN reason). It's that I got this cool new razor blade that vibrates. The vibration doesn't DO anything, really. It's a gimmick, and it's mostly the 15 trillion razors on this thing is probably the reason why it produces such a smooth baby-ass-face shave. I've done rigorous scientific testing to prove that the vibrating was a gimmick. I still like using it with the vibrating part on because it makes me feel like I'm in a science fiction story, pulling out my vibrorazor and shaving. Then I get attacked by dark Jedi and I'm able to block their light sabers with my vibrating razor.

So um, yeah. Who wants to participate in an office chair jousting tournament? Make your own cardboard armor and design your own heraldry and we'll work on a tourney.


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