What the hell kind of fucked up state of mind do I have to be in when "Mr. Tambourine Man" fills me with a sense of Lovecraftian dread? This one.

Holy fuck.

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I don't know, last night was a weird night. I was in this weird state of mind that's difficult to codify. All I know is that the choice of words in "Mr. Tambourine Man" is oddly creepy. It talks a lot about a protagonist who's senses are failing him, and mentions sleep, ancient empires, and mentions "the foggy ruins of time." That sounds a lot like a Lovecraft story, doesn't it?

I don't think Mr. Tambourine Man is a drug dealer. I think he's an avatar of Nyarlathotep.

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I don't know if that referenced anything beyond my comprehension, but "Mr. Tambourine Man" *always* fills me with dread, Lovecraftian or otherwise. (I've still never read anything by Lovecraft, btw.)

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Really? Why?

Last night I was just in an odd state of mind. "Mr. Tambourine Man" came on my itunes playlist and where once I heard a relaxing, beautiful song, I heard a relaxing beautiful song about madness, ancient empires, and unknowable horror.

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I was just foolin' on you. :P

But yes, that is odd, now that you mentioned it.
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That sounds utterly terrifying. D: Not as terrifying as The Sun is Burning or The Sound of Silence, though.