I went to the Dr.'s this morning.

Basically, my immune system played a practical joke on me. I got a cold that affected my asthma, which mimicked the H1N1 flu strain with everything but a fever. Relieved, I came home and vegged. I still feel like crap. You know that thing how guys will shrug off most physical pain, but become babies when they're sick? Guilty as charged. This fucking sucks.

Because I've been house-ridden, I missed Free Comic Book Day! I was going to stop by Chuck's Comics today and pick some stuff up. That Buck Rogers comic sounded hella sweet. Stupid fake flu.

I've been loafing a lot, reading lots of Vonnegut today, and I'm patching City of Heroes because I need something to do. I might have to miss Shadowrun tomorrow, too. God dammit.

Kat came over today and gave me chicken soup from Chick-Fil-A. She was like an angel of mercy, clad in work clothes, bearing the gift of delicious healing remedies and love. I could not have asked for a better fiancee, even if I had created her in a lab and given her life in a thunderstorm.

I hope I don't make you sick, Kat!
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From: [identity profile] katimus-prime.livejournal.com

I'm sorry you missed Free Comic Book Day! I've never been to one before. D:

So far, I don't feel sick, but I will take precautionsses.


From: [identity profile] wenchpower.livejournal.com

There was a Buck Rogers comic? Our comic shop sucks. We had maybe three titles that I've even heard of and none that I'm interested in.


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