It's a live album full of their newer stuff, with a second album of remixes and unreleased stuff.

The live versions of their new stuff still don't impress me. VNV Nation's new stuff just doesn't seem as intense as their older, pre-Futureperfect stuff. Even Futureperfect had a bit of punch to it. It seems like their music hasn't been as moving lately. It seems like their songs are very static now. Before a song could start out with a nice, mellow intro, then descend into chaos and vice versa. Their newer music stays the same all the way through. It sounds very carefully measured, and very mechanical. And here I am criticizing an "industrial" band for sounding mechanical! I certainly don't blame them for changing. Obviously nobody should be expected to remain artistically static their entire career. Some of their hooks are still nice. The songs just seem to have lost that dynamism of the PTF2012 and Empires era. Am I the only one who feels this way?
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I gotta admit, some of the newer songs on this one didn't really get me going until a second or third listen, or when I started to hear the lyrics. There are a couple of really strong songs on M+F and Judgement, but their whole albums used to be RIGHT THERE and they had you to the last drop. I understand.
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It seems that VNV has started to focus on sending a more positive message, and instead of leaving the sound of the music the same, they've opted to mellow out in accordance with what their songs are doing. Less complaining about humans killing trees and more hope for the future for something completely ambiguous.

I'm saying this because Combichrist sounds like a harder, meaner, Empires VNV some of the time. Their lyrics are extremely explicit, though. I don't want our kids to listen to them until they're 40. XD

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I'm really not impressed by Combichrist's whole "raaardarkevildancey" kind of image more than I am VNV Nation's "hay guise sunshine is neat" kind of image. I don't really care what kind of message they're sending so long as the music is good. I don't blame VNV for changing their style. Art is the product of the artist's life, and the guys in VNV have no doubt changed over the years. It's only natural that their music changed, too. It just doesn't move me like their old stuff does.

And I don't think we'll have to worry about our kid's listening to Combichrist. They'll find so many more ways to piss us off than we could ever imagine.
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Word. :V

I imagine, coming from two creative people like us, our kids will figure out ways to piss us off that have never been invented by any kid ever before.

ILU! I miss you!

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VNV Nation need to start listening to Squarepusher.

On the heavy.


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