I'm reading Generation Kill now, in an effort to branch out. And considering the last three books I read were by John Scalzi, Robert Heinlein and Joe Haldeman, it's not so much branching out as reading the same stuff, except it takes place six years ago and it's all true.

Oh, tangent. A large part of The Forever War by Joe Haldeman takes place in Columbia, MD! Color me amused! There's even a part where the main character goes to Hyatsville to buy a gun and does so without any red tape at all. How quaint! I love when books I read take place in Maryland. Did you know that Sam Fisher from the Splinter Cell games lives in Towson? That's what the Splinter Cell book says!

Anyway, Generation Kill fucking humbles me. All of these characters remind me of people that I know, and hang out with. I haven't seen the HBO mini-series yet, but I'm going to now. I keep reading it, thinking about how the characters seem so real and taking notes on how I can write like this. And then I see the pictures included, and I'm reminded that these people are real and while I was leading a generally self-centered life in America, these men were fighting for their lives. It's humbling. That's the only way I can really put it. It's definitely a great read so far.
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"Fruity Rudy" Reyes plays himself in the series. Pretty good book, decent series.


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