Here are three samples from the papers I have collected from my three students on the subject of the Corpus Hermetica as it relates to them.

Name: David Mallon
Age: 10
House: Gryffindor

Hermes Trimegistus was a wizard that was like ten times tougher than Voldemort. If they got into a fight, Hermes would probably win but if Voldemort and Proffessor Gibson got into a fight Voldemort would kill him and I think that's verry funny. The three practices of a hermetic wizard are alchemy, astrology, and theurgy. Alchemy isn't like it is on TV and doesn't do as many cool things. I think if Hermes tried to fight Edward Elric it would probably be a tie because they are both cool. Astrology is all about the stars and horoscopes and my mom calls people on the phone and they talk to her about stuff like that all the time but it costs a lot of money. Theurgy is the use of rituals that invoke the presence of God or other gods to do magic. I think sometimes it would be cool if they used theurgy to make the gods fight each other.

My grade: C
Comments: I'm giving you a C for completing the assignment, but I think your sense of humor could use some work! Also, you spelled Hermes Trimegistus correctly, but somehow messed up "very."

Name: Patricia Ralston
Age: 9
House: Ravenclaw

Hermes was a Greek god that some people didn't stop worshiping and those people were wizards! He is also a lot like the Egyptian god Thoth and people think that's neat. I asked my dad about Hermetic stuff and he said that it has to do with sealing something tight. There were a lot of people in history who were hermetic wizards, and they were pretty secretive about their stuff. A famous wizard was a man named Aleister Crowley. I asked my dad about him too, and he let me listen to a song by Ozzy Osbourne about him. I think Ozzy Osbourne was a hermetic wizard too.

My grade: B
Comments: Good research, but please stop speculating in your essays. Stick only to that which is verifiable.

Name: Ronnie Clark
Age: 6
House: Hufflepuff

Ronnie chose to draw me a picture.

My grade: A+
Comments: Very good, Ronnie! Now have your mom place it on your fridge and it will be safe from evil spirits!


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